Lifted CBD Tincture


Full-Spectrum CBD, powers this all-natural, potent tincture, available in 1500mg. The product is formulated with an advanced terpene profile that works synergistically to support stress and pain relief.

Full Spectrum CBD — Healing benefits from the whole plant including CBN and CBG.

Terpene Profile:
* Terpenes give CBD its distinctive aromatic and flavor qualities, as well as impart a host of therapeutic effects.

Myrcene — Scientific studies reveal that it may have a sedative effect and aid in pain relief.

Caryophyllene — Scientific studies reveal that it may have anti-pain benefits.  One of the only terpenes that bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the body.
Study 1. Study 2.

Limonene — Scientific studies reveal that it may help in elevating mood and stress relief.  Improves absorption of other terpenes and chemicals by way of the skin, mucous membranes, and digestive tract. 

* Source: National Institute of Health

Additional Ingredients:

Organic Coconut Oil (MCT Oil) — Easily absorbed by the liver, so effects are felt more quickly.  Evenly absorbs cannabis compounds so dosing is more accurate.

Ashwagandha — An ancient medicinal herb that may help reduce symptoms of stress and depression, support adrenal, and thyroid function.

Bacopa — May increase the effects of key neurotransmitters (serotonin, acetylcholine, noradrenaline, and dopamine), which can help achieve a sense of calm and maintain mood equilibrium.

Passion Flower  May help with generalized anxiety disorder.

Catnip — Packed with active components that may help ease the effects of stress.

Lemon Balm — First used as a 14th-century tonic called Carmelite water, known for its calming effects

* All Herbal Ingredients Are Organic.

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