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Sleeping Beauty

Full spectrum CBD powers this all natural, highly potent night cap. The product is formulated with a unique blend of 5 different terpenes that work synergistically to support a restful night.  Valerian Root and Skullcap enhance the formulation for super effect. 

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Full-spectrum CBG, powers this all-natural, potent tincture available in 1000mg. The product is formulated with additional herbal ingredients that work synergistically to promote Focus in sports, work, and study.

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Full-Spectrum CBD, powers this all-natural, potent tincture, available in 1500mg. The product is formulated with an advanced terpene profile that works synergistically to support stress and pain relief.

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Anti-inflammatory CBD powers an extraordinary blend of natural ingredients including Burdock Root, Pine Bark Extract, Algae, Irish Moss, Melaleuca, Rosemary and Tea Tree oil to create and  support healthy skin that is inhospitable to breakouts.  The formula enables exfoliation of irritants and simultaneously hydrates the skin.  

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Founded on the power of Flower.
grounded in hemp, hope, and higher learning.

sleeping beauty tincture

Sweet dreams

Science shows us that sleep is vital to our total health. Sleep has a powerful effect on the immune system. Sleep is essential to our overall well being.

Faith In Flower aims to lull you into a peaceful, deep slumber. Settle your mind, slip into sweet dreams and sleep like a baby.

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You are beautiful

Skin-esteem is directly linked to our perceived attractiveness, which is inextricably linked to self-esteem. Psychological and social distress is a natural, normal response to skin symptoms.

We asked photographer Alex Moore to conduct a social experiment in the streets of Manhattan that explored how positive words help us access inner strength translating to outer beauty.

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conscious & sustainable

high quality hemp

Sun Grown in Oregon.
Organic Farming Practices.
Manufactured in The USA.
Pesticide Free.
Third-Party Testing.
Grown Naturally from Seed to Sale.

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